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A Soulful Commitment was founded in 2007. Initially just officiating wedding ceremonies, we have  grown over the last 10 years to now include many different services; including weddings, baby blessings, and funerals. We often offers classes in communication,  relationship workshops for both singles and couples, and marriage retreats to enhance and build on the foundation that you have already built with your beloved. When available, we will occasionally offer a Sunday spiritual chat, where you are welcome to come and have a cup of tea or coffee and have dialogue with us, for support, and guidance on your spiritual life goals. We strive to be different. To be unique, non traditional, and one of a kind. Our ceremonies Are not cookie-cutter, and will always be original. So whether you're looking for a secular, religious, or non-traditional ceremony, we have what you are looking for. 

Rev. Dina wrote a book ~ *Wedding Ceremony Design, which is full of templates inside a traditional outline of a ceremony. Each chapter is filled with dozens of choices for each section of a wedding ceremony. When you decide that We are the best people to hold that sacred space for you, you receive the book, and all of our support to create a ceremony that reflects you and your beloved's personality. We put you in complete control of how your ceremony looks and sounds. 




Dina McGee~ Owner and Founder

Rev Dina relocated from her lifetime home in the Pacific Northwest to Pittsburgh,  where she decided to put down new roots. She found Pittsburgh to be an ideal place to create unique ceremonies for all of life's special occasions. She went through a two year seminary and was ordained in Battleground, Washington through People of the Heart, SHE's organization, and the First Nation Church.

Rev. Dina has received her Doctorate of Divinity (D.D.) through the John Leland School of Theology and Religion at Laurel.  She is licensed in Pennsylvania, Washington State, Maryland, West Virginia, and Ohio. 

Rev. Dina has been married to her beloved for 10 years, has 2 daughters living at home, and 2 adult sons that live on the west coast. She also has a Labradoodle named Rory, and 2 cats~ Cooper and Annie. 

"You could say that I am outside the traditional box, and choose the more spiritual side to life. I believe in holding sacred space for the people I work with, to create a safe container for them to express their highest self. I believe in directing my focus to find evidence in my life that supports empowering beliefs. Ones that enable me to be, to do, and to have what I want in life.  I believe in consciousness, in grace, and most importantly, I believe in love." ~ d.m


Amy Broderick ~ associate minister

Rev. Amy has been in the wedding industry for over 15 years. She loves working with people to make their dreams come true, and help to create the perfect wedding day. She has recently become ordained to become a part of the ceremony end of the wedding. She is ordained through The First Nation Church, and is currently licensed in Pennsylvania

Rev. Amy has been married for 18 years to Larry and has one son~ Alex. She also has a sweet puppy named Charlotte and 4 cats. She loves to cook with her foodie family, and crochets! 



Our Services


Wedding ceremonies

You want a meaningful, unique and special ceremony that reflects the two of you as a couple. You want your guests to leave the ceremony with an appreciation that this ceremony captured the two of you to a tee. AND you want a ceremony that will be remembered for a long time to come.

This is the service for you. We put you in the driver's seat by giving you an outline and a book full of templates with tons of choices to give you an endless presentation of ideas on how to create your vision. We can also give you examples of other weddings we have done  to give you inspiration.

After our initial consultation, we continue work with you online and on the phone to make sure we get the ceremony perfect. 

We can attend your rehearsal the evening before, and walk you through your processional, recessional, and any important steps that need discussed. (If you do NOT need a rehearsal, please let us know) 

The day of~ we show up to your venue a half-hour before.  we perform (Officiate) your ceremony in a lovely, and meaningful way that you will remember always. Ceremonies are 15-30 minutes.

We will sign wedding documents and file your license with the local county that you applied to. You will receive a copy of your ceremony via email. 

INCLUDES~ renewal of vows, hand-fasting, religious, secular, or spiritual ceremony.

 Other fees~ Rehearsal, mileage.


For a private, intimate ceremony with up to 15 additional people. pre-written 10 minute service. 

We promise it will be just as lovely, perhaps even more so!You will receive a copy of your ceremony via email. We will sign your license, and file it with the county. Other fees~ mileage

just Sign the license

In the event that you do not want a ceremony, and just want us to sign the license for you, we can meet at a coffee shop, where I will ask you vows, and you can say "Yes!". You bring your marriage license, and we will sign it for you. We can mail it in to your county of application. 

Baby Blessing

If you are looking for a welcoming ceremony for your new little one outside of a religious affiliation, this is the blessing for you. Includes a customized ceremony with options such as prayer, poem, honoring your  ancestors, a sacred ritual, such as the stone blessing, blessed water and roses, or tree planting. We keep it short and simple to accommodate your little ones schedule. You receive a keepsake certificate, and the ceremony. Other fees include ~ mileage. 

Memorial Service

We are committed to creating a sacred space for you in all areas of your life, and we recognize the importance of having the right words to honor your loved ones. We connect with you to hear the story of life. Milestones, adventures and precious moments will be included. We believe in celebrating life, and this is no exception. Our service will be unlike anything you have experienced in the past, and you will feel like your loved one has been represented well, with love and honor. 

Donation only. 

Communication workshop

Learning to handle conflict without judgement, or accusations. Couples, and individuals who want to learn a different way to communicate. How we say things to others has a big effect on how the conversation will go. It's 10% of WHAT you say, and 90% of HOW you say it. Make a choice to give yourself new tools to have a better relationship~ whether you are in one, or want to be ready for a new one. Works great for families too. 

Marriage Retreat 

Come have a fantastic retreat with us in the Laurel Highlands. Offering a 3 day /2 night escape from the world. Our program’s time and activities are structured in such a way that every moment is used productively to work on your relationship with yourself, your mate and others. We don't take sides, and we don't offer advice. The weekend retreat covers many topics during the program such as communication, conflict resolution, rules for arguing, needs and wants, sexual intimacy and forgiveness to name a few. Mix that in with delicious food, fire, and connection. We will have fun, I promise! 

Limited to 4 couples per weekend. 

Coaching with Rev. Dina

Imagine having a soulful commitment... to yourself. Discovering how important it is to be committed in a loving, mindful, and joyful relationship with  the one person that counts most to you: YOU. Are you  in a soulful commitment with Life and everything life encompasses?

From Rev. Dina~ I have spent decades learning from my mistakes. Or, as the wise ones say: "Spiritual Growth Opportunities". I have gained great insight from each of those opportunities, and have tried to live life fiercely with my heart wide open. I am always endeavoring to "BE the change that I wish to see in the world." I realize that it's a practice. A practice that I want to share with you.

I just wanted to send a heartfelt “thank you” for the amazing job you did marrying us yesterday. Although I don’t remember much other than trying to fight back the tears, countless guests gushed about how special, how unique and personal, and how beautiful the ceremony was. Thank you so much for guiding us through this and letting us help create such a memorable ceremony. It was better than I expected and was the absolute perfect way to being our lives together.

Thank you again and God bless!
— Aaron Vargas




Saturday Wedding  $400

Friday and Sunday WeddinG  $300

ElopemenT  $200



*All marriage services  include~ custom made ceremony, performing the service, signing and filing the license. We will arrive 30-45 minutes prior , unlimited communication with the officiant, and free consultation. 








Satisfied Customers

It was our sincerest pleasure having Dina officiate our outdoor ceremony yesterday (yes, outdoor, in January, during a “polar vortex”). My wife and I were looking for something short and simple yet spoke to the love we share. She nailed it. My father-in-law commented on how perfectly she encapsulated the message in under 10 minutes and that he was impressed by her ceremony.

Dina was attentive to our needs and desires, meeting with us beforehand (and introducing us to a GREAT coffeehouse), listening to our story, sharing some of hers, and guiding us through creating OUR perfect ceremony, without judgement. Granted, our ceremony was short and simple, but it was how we wanted it, and we couldn’t have asked for a better officiant to join us together yesterday.
— Brian H.
Dina was fabulous! She met with us before the ceremony to discuss crafting our ceremony which was totally custom made. She was great about putting extra things in there that we liked, like a sonnet by Shakespeare. She was accommodating and understanding. I never expected to have such a personalized wedding. It could be as religious or non-religious as we wanted. I cannot sing her praises enough!
— D.
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Let us assist you in creating a soulful commitment to the one you love. Let us know about what you are looking for, and we will be in touch! You can also book an appointment for a free consultation to share our process, and answer any questions that you may have. Looking forward to connecting with you! ~ The Rev's. 

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We would love to sit down with you and your beloved to discuss your vision for your ceremony, and answer any questions that you may have. We will have to share our process and helping you create the most and these in ceremony ever. Please let us know when you are available for a sit down chat or a FaceTime meeting.