Dina McGee~ Owner and Founder

Rev Dina relocated from her lifetime home in the Pacific Northwest to Pittsburgh,  where she decided to put down new roots. She found Pittsburgh to be an ideal place to create unique ceremonies for all of life's special occasions. She went through a two year seminary and was ordained in Battleground, Washington through People of the Heart, SHE's organization, and the First Nation Church.

Rev. Dina has received her Doctorate of Divinity (D.D.) through the John Leland School of Theology and Religion at Laurel.  She is licensed in Pennsylvania, Washington State, Maryland, West Virginia, and Ohio. 

Rev. Dina has been married to her beloved for 10 years, has 2 daughters living at home, and 2 adult sons that live on the west coast. She also has a Labradoodle named Rory, and 2 cats~ Cooper and Annie. 

"You could say that I am outside the traditional box, and choose the more spiritual side to life. I believe in holding sacred space for the people I work with, to create a safe container for them to express their highest self. I believe in directing my focus to find evidence in my life that supports empowering beliefs. Ones that enable me to be, to do, and to have what I want in life.  I believe in consciousness, in grace, and most importantly, I believe in love." ~ d.m


Amy Broderick ~ associate minister

Rev. Amy has been in the wedding industry for over 15 years. She loves working with people to make their dreams come true, and help to create the perfect wedding day. She has recently become ordained to become a part of the ceremony end of the wedding. She is ordained through The First Nation Church, and is currently licensed in Pennsylvania

Rev. Amy has been married for 18 years to Larry and has one son~ Alex. She also has a sweet puppy named Charlotte and 4 cats. She loves to cook with her foodie family, and crochets!